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Your flooring says a lot about the way you run your business. A clean, well-maintained office or storefront can entice clients and encourage productivity. But dirty, dingy floors can make a negative impression on employees and potential customers alike. So if you're looking to improve the look of your commercial interior, come to BFC Carpet Cleaning. We offer comprehensive commercial carpet cleaning services to businesses of all sizes.

Cleaning Processes

Hot water steam/moist Application: Removes light to a medium soiled area, used for frequently vacuumed carpet, We specialize in hot water solvent use with pre-spray treatment for removal of visible stains. Our proven method removes heavy soiled area including pet urine, food and other common stains in dirty areas. Traffic lanes in carpet are created by over average use in walkways on carpeting. Cleaning and protecting these areas more frequently is recommended quarterly in high traffic areas.

Invest in Your Company's Appearance

The cleaner your carpets look, the more appealing your place of business is likely to be. So if you're looking to retain customers and employees rather than turn them off, it's time to invest in a thorough carpet cleaning. At BFC Carpet Cleaning, our team of professionals will go the extra mile to get your floors looking their best. Whether you need us to tackle a couple of rooms or an entire office complex, we're up to the challenge.

Commercial Carpet Rate:

.18 cent per square foot.For more information about our carpet cleaning services and rates, call BFC Carpet Cleaning today.

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