Cleaning Products

Clean Like the Pros


Carpet Shampoo

1 Gallon



Concentrated, economical extraction detergent, provides deep cleaning with low foam, fresh fragrance.

Red Stain Remover

1 Pint



Remove food and drink dye stains like Kool Aid.  1 part solution requires no mixing, fast acting.

Rust Remover for Carpet

Upholster & Fabrics, 1 Pint


Eliminates rust stains from carpets & upholstery caused by metal touching fibers & fabric.

Carpet & Upholstery Rinse, 1 Gallon


Neutralizes alkalinity & removes detergent residues.  Stabilize dyes & inhibits browning/ color bleeding

Disinfect & Deodorize Like the Pro

Super Concentrated Disinfectant Cleaner

1 Gallon

Airx 109A an ammonium compound, emulsifier, disinfectant cleaner also a fungicide, virucide & odor counteractant.

Super Strength Foul Odor Eliminator

1 Gallon

Airx 60 is combats subsurface bacteria contains patented Airicide odor counteractant disinfectant.

Bio Stain & Odor Remover

128 Ounces

Ready to use for stains removal combats odors, digests organic and protein stains used on carpet & upholstery or laundry pretreatment.

Pet Stain & Odor Remover Enzyme Carpet Cleaner

1 Gallon

Attacks and eats away the source of smells, animals, biodegradable, non-toxic, multi-surface compatible.

Protect Like the Pros

Carpet & Upholstery Protector Concentrate

1 Gallon

Scotchgard protect against both oil & water based stains, resists soiling, spills blot up before staining.

Auto Auto Fabric & Carpet Protector

10 Ounces

Scotchgard repels oil & water, protects against soiling, powerful barrier causes liquids to bead for easy cleanup.

Rug & Carpet Protector

17 Ounces

Scotchgard repel spills for easier cleanup, ideal for high-traffic areas, runners, bath mats & auto mats.

Scotchgard Upholster Protector

2 cans,10 Ounces

 Strong fabric protection repels spills for easier cleanup, simple, one-step application, dries clear and odorless.

Clean Living Better Life Style! 

BFC Tech Approved 

Brown, Round, Nail-on, 1" Heavy Duty Felt Pads

8-piece pack of 1" diameterround nail-on, brown SoftTouch Felt pads protect hardwood, ceramic tile & linoleum.

Easy nail-on installation, Reduces friction and noise while moving furniture.

Nassco clear sleeve floor protectors

16 Pack 1.25" diameter fits 1-1/8"to 1-1/4" round legs or 1" square legs. Protect floor surfaces from scratches & rust stains. Distribute weight evenly an reduces noise when moving furniture.

Self-Stick 1-Inch Furniture Round Felt Pads for Hard Surfaces

Oatmeal, 48-Piece, self-stick adhesive 1inch furniture softtouch felt pads; protect flooring, heavy-duty felt pads with extra-strength, can be used on a variety of other furniture items.

Floor Protector 1- Inch Furniture Glides Chair Slider Feet

#8 Caramel slider glides that are 1" round & screws for permanent secure attachment or peel for instant attachment, designed glides slide across surfaces up to 1.25" in diameter.

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